Home and office networking

Need to upgrade your home or office network?

Winwave Communications can help you expand and update your current network, bringing you greater access to the world around you.

With a wide range of products available we are sure to find a solution to help
you get the most out of your internet.

Wired Access Points  |  Wireless Connectivity  |  AV Connectivity

Building a new home?

With the increased amount of connectivity in and around your home it makes sense to have your network ready to cater to your lifestyle. Why not work with us during the planning and construction of your new home, ensuring that your home network is tailor made for you and your world.

We can also enhance your entertainment experience with our new WIRELESS SPEAKER systems

Long Distance WiFi

Need a solution for your farm or workshop?

Winwave Communications specialises in difficult and unusual networking jobs.

We offer many solutions for connecting your property, making it easier for you to work where you need to.

Sheds  |  Outbuildings  |  Cattle Yards

Temporary Solutions

Looking to cover your job site or special event?

We offer a range of WiFi and Mobile Phone solutions on a temporary basis.

Please contact us to discuss your event or site requirements.

Auctions  |  Private Functions  |  Work Sites

3G & 4G Mobile Phone Repeaters

Get mobile phone reception anywhere

Ideal for an office or average size home, Cel-Fi phone booster has one of the largest
coverage areas of any consumer repeater.

  • Tested and approved for use on the Telstra, Optus & Vodafone Mobile Networks. (network locked)
  • High capacity signal booster with more than enough coverage for an average size home or office. 
  • Cel-Fi has been approved by Telstra, Optus and Vodafoneā€ for use on their 3G & 4G networks in Australia, making them a legal way of boosting the mobile signal in your home or office.

Solutions also available for outdoor coverage, contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Cel-Fi GO!

Introducing Australia's first carrier approved in-vehicle repeater!

Cel-Fi GO provides 3G and 4G signal boosting capabilities for use in vehicles,
transport and custom building applications.

  • Boosts Telstra's 3G850, 4G700/1800 bands (one at a time)
  • Made for vehicle and transport applications
  • Fast tower switching


Winwave Comminications can also assist with any non-standard NBN Fixed Wireless installations.

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